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Why The Need For A Site Oath?

The IDP Tipster Oath came about after many years of playing this game we love. Too many times in the end was it realized that there were fantasy football writers not willing to do the work to actually make more than an opinion call. And in that time span the notion that taking a person's word for something that has no founded merit wasn't actually helpful but a distraction. A distraction that normally was not helpful or beneficial to anyone who may have took it as solid information. In this game we love there are already enough variables in play. And with the idea that "Any Given Sunday" comes into play, an opinion without merit doesn't help.

When we reach out to resource for advice we expect some form of dedication to knowing what the advice is has been applied. There has to be some type of work, time, and effort put into any advice. Hence the need and adopting the following oath. Just because someone puts their trust in anyone doesn't mean that party has to have an answer to be able to continue to advice. It is simple, answer what you do know and don't give an opinion because your ego gets in the way.


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Here at The IDP Tipster we always encourage that readers contact the IDP Tipster team for anything fantasy football IDP related. You can find us on many social formats or simple use the contact form below. In general we love a challenge and never take any questions or comments for granted. So whether it is a basic IDP question or a simple suggestion we want to hear from you as our brand grows. The IDP Tipster Oath and approach is always focused on delivery for the reader.