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"I’ve played FF IDP for more than 15 years. Here’s a secret! Purchase access to IDP TIPSTER’s information. He is absolutely the BEST out there. He is your key to becoming IDP dominant!"
Ron Stewart

“As someone that does not play in a ton of IDP leagues, I use as my main research tool for the few leagues I play in that do have an IDP format. It’s an invaluable website for IDP novices up to the hardcore IDP players.”  

     – Geoff Lambert of 

"The work put out by The IDP Tipster is top notch work! From finding some true IDP gems (I’m looking at you Mr. John Johnson and Matt Milano) to breaking it down on a weekly basis on which teams have the easiest match up per position... if you want a one stop shop for strictly no fluff IDP content this it right here
Brian Serrano

Where we take the thinking out of setting lineups.

"When I first started playing IDP I took over an orphan in a 16 team expert league. I had no idea what I was doing so I reached out for help and The IDP Tipster was there for me. He helped me with some great advice on Safeties and establishing player values. The site is great too. If you are new to the game or a veteran check out The IDP Tipster, highly recommended."
Troy VanRiper
"When I joined my first IDP fantasy league, I had a hard time finding content that was actually helpful. When I came across the IDP tipster, it was an immediate game changer. Using his start/sit guides helped me win many weeks, and his “dime drops” have helped me build a stronger team. I absolutely recommend the IDP Tipster to anyone looking to have an edge in their IDP league." May, 2019
Mike Gordon

A ” The IDP Tipster ” Note: The following insider content will be available as a full package. But these are all “in-season” content. 

So we are still in the process of the fine tuning development stage in the delivery of the content at this time.  The estimated time of delivery of this insider content is no later than mid-July.  At the time, or before, you’ll be notified and receive your backstage insider information in full. Which will include no less than the following content:

The IDP Tactical Tools

Easy Start/Sit Charts

Our proven and weekly Easy Start/Sit Charts. These popular charts take every bit of over thinking when it comes to weekly starts/sits. We use a five step formula resulting in a high hit rate. All 32 NFL teams IDP designated positions are covered. Minus the cornerbacks which we suggest a method of streaming HERE. So no more searching the internet for start/sit advice for certain players. We make it simple as well as provide the proven method on every relevant IDP player for you.

IDP Player Production Grades

In-season IDP Player PAPS Grades. As we know almost all NFL player grading systems do not always translate to Fantasy Football. This hasn’t been the case for some time now here with us. We provide a true IDP production based versus the player snap count for a true grade. Here is a simple and basic version of the 2018 ILBs. Please note these are a simplified version in the example. The 2019 in-season weekly versions will return to a more in-depth and informative platform that been used in the past. There will also be a PAPS platform for relevant starters keeping track from week to week. Offering a way to see trends among the players. Which in turn allows us to uncover possible sleepers or to track any that may be declining making them “trade bait”.

The Oddsmaker

The Oddsmaker will be introduced in 2019 as just another way to help split the hairs. This new tactical tool will be a combination formula of the following. The same five-steps for easy start/sit charts, PAPS grades, and opponents versus points allowed. The tool will simply show the difference in tiers each week when having to decide between players when the same levels of potential come into play.

Subscriber Insider Information Comes First

As if it could get any better. We will be supplying all insider tips, sleeper, flier, or any other relevant and need to know information to our subscribers first. We will provide a deliver format to get our winning edge out to our subscribers at least one waiver wire week ahead of our site’s general public. his will increase the odds you know what we know before your competition. And our reputation speaks for it’s self in that area. Finding and securing information has been a specialty before other sites or so called “gurus”. Of course this information can only be released if and when it develops. But we all know that whether it is just a large hand full in a season or just a few, there are always players to pick up or fade every season. We will supply that, and do it for the winning edge before your league mates get wind of it in most cases. A disclaimer, of course if your league mates are following us, all bets are off.

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